• Moshe’s Cafes & Restaurants


    What started as a catering service at the heart of Mumbai, by the name Caterbility, today, has flourished into 14 outlets across Mumbai and Pune. To top it all, Moshe’s has the distinction of being the only signature chain of restaurants and cafes in Mumbai. Each outlet comes with an unspoken pledge – made from the freshest and the most natural ingredients and prepared in the traditional way.

    The freshness flows into the casual and comfortable ambience which exudes warmth and cheerfulness. With restaurants, cafés, take-aways, full-service catering and in-store gourmet lines, Moshe’s is the natural choice, any day, every day.


    A   man   of   few   words   and   bountiful   of   recipes.

    For Moshe Shek, serving delicious cuisines is more than a business. It’s about a special bonding with his guests. It’s a silent promise to serve only the best cuisine made from the most fresh and natural ingredients and prepared in the traditional way.

    Probably that’s why, whenever Moshe Shek dons the chef’s hat, his one hand is on the cooking pan, while the other is on his heart.